Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces DIY Project
Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces DIY Project

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The tutorial that I bring to you today is a very simple one, Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces using Dollar Tree Mirrors. Going to the Dollar Tree is like an adventure, you get so many things with which we can create and make accessories to decorate either for our home, our office or for that activity you are planning and want to do at a low cost. At the end of this post I leave you a step by step video tutorial in case you prefer to watch the process. Press HERE  if you want to jump straight to the video.

On my last visit I bought some mirrors that its original use is to carry candles. I found them perfect for centerpieces so we went straight to the tutorial of these Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces.

Materials for this tutorial

To start remove the bumpers that comes in the back of the mirrors to prevent them from moving. It is not necessary to do it in the square mirrors because these will be inside the centerpiece.

DIY - Centros de Mesa con Espejos del Dollar Tree

First stick the octagonal mirror over the square mirror. And then do the same with the other three to form the four sides of the centerpiece.

Take two of the mirrors (already prepared with two mirrors) and place them in an L shape to glue them.

Try to glue the pieces well joined to avoid see a separation between mirror and mirror.

corner of a mirrored vase

Place an artificial plant and Voilá!

mirrored vase centerpiece

mirrored vase centerpiece

dollar tree mirrored vase

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