How to Make a Sunburst Mirror using Wire Rope
How to Make a Sunburst Mirror using Wire Rope

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How to Make a Sunburst Mirror using Wire Rope


Mirrors in decoration plays an important role. These are not usually installed or placed by pure whim. When making use of them, you have to have a well-defined purpose to know how to choose what type or style of them we are going to use in the decoration. On other occasions we installed mirrors on walls and ceilings to achieve that sense of spaciousness.

In this tutorial we will be working a sunburst mirror and you can make it with only 5 materials.


wire rope unattached

wire rope unattached

Cut the wire rope about one and a half feet long. Remember that the longer the pieces, the less stability they will have. As they are longer, their weight may cause them to bend a little.

If you look at the pieces of wire rope when unscrewing them, you will get 7 thin pieces. These are the pieces that we will be using to create this Sunburst Mirror.


In the back of the mirror, arrange each piece giving the shape you want. Go placing them until bordering the mirror completely. You can place some longer and others shorter. Or you can glue them all at the same height. The distance between one and the other is also important so that it is even.

When you already have the pieces of wire in the position you want, go mixing the epoxy and apply a bit of the mixture on the end of the piece that you are going to glue. Remember not to mix all the epoxy as it dries too quickly and will not allow time to glue them all.

Glue the round piece of wood to the back of the mirror to cover and also to attach a hanging hook.

This is the end result of this beautiful Sunburst Mirror

sunburst mirror and a white desk with a plant an a pair of jacks

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