Unique Valentine’s Day Idea
Unique Valentine’s Day Idea

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It just so happens that the city of Miami was hit by Hurricane Irma in Sept / 2017.

This phenomenon left many trees lying on the floor and who knows me knows that I like to work with wood, so I did not hesitate to go with my husband to pick up pieces that we would later use to create.

Between one thing and another, I hadn’t used a single piece of them until today that I was thinking I had done anything for this day of love and friendship, so I came up with a simple Idea for Valentine’s Day.

Unique Valentine’s Day Idea

I took a branch I had collected and with an mitter saw sliced ​​it to get these small trunks and write the word L O V E. I sanded the edges with a sand sponge like the one shown in the photo.

Unique Valentine's Day Idea

My idea was to paint them in the center but I wanted to leave a border that let me see part of the trunk, so I used a circle stencil to paint the shape on the trunk using acrylic paint.

With a rotary tool I made a small hole to insert the eyebolt to join one piece with the other.

To make the letters in each trunk, I used stamping letters and with black ink I pressed them on the trunk already painted.

For the union of the four letters, I placed an eyebolt on the top of each letter and another on the bottom allowing you to join them all with a jump ring in the center.

To give it the real San Valentine touch nothing better than the classic heart symbol.

I got this glitter heart at Walmart in the Valentine’s section.

In the tip of the heart I also inserted an eyebolt to tie it to the letters.

And finally, in the unions I added some bows made it with ribbons and at the end of the door hanger, I placed a small heart in polymer clay that I made using Fimo Staedtler.

This door hanger can be used to decorate your entrance door instead of using the traditional round wreath. You can also use it to decorate your office.

DIY Tutoriales y mucho mas, wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!

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