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The time has come to start thinking and making Christmas decorations. Did you put your Christmas tree? Not yet? Well, good because maybe you’re looking to do something different with your ornaments and you might like this idea and best of all, you can make them the color you want. In this tutorial of DIY DOLLAR TREE POMPOM ORNAMENTS I will be decorating some transparent ornaments with pompoms, a very fun and easy to use material in crafts. These pompoms come in different sizes, colors and also textures.

Many times we want to decorate our tree of a specific color and we do not find ornaments that go with the desired combination. With these transparent ornaments we can create different styles since we can decorate them in different ways and taking advantage to decorate them in that color that we love but it’s hard to find. For example you can use acrylic paint and paint them inside. You can also cover them with glitter, you can fill them with foam balls, make decoupage or decorate them on the outside like these ornaments I made last year. Anyway, with these transparent ornaments you have multiple alternatives to decorate them.

These ornaments are a very good alternative to use in natural trees since being so light doesn’t cause the tree branches to bend with the weight.

You will need the following to make theses DOLLAR TREE POMPOM ORNAMENTS DIY:


pompones rosas y fuschia con bolas de navidad transparentes sobre ellos

Start by removing the top of the ornament so you can work better when you go to start gluing the pompoms.

DOLLAR TREE POMPOM ORNAMENTS-mano extendida sujetando sobre la palma de la mano un pompom de color fushia

Using hot glue or cold silicone, start to glue the pompoms from the top. You make the first line (to have an idea, this ornament took 7 pompoms) and then continue adding the second line until completing the ornament to the bottom. Everything will depend on how you want the ornament, if you want to make it a single color or mixed.


adorno de navidad hecho con pompones de tonos rosas DOLLAR TREE POMPOM ORNAMENTS

I made also this other ornament with pompoms of all colors (mixed) and I loved it. This one looks beautiful on Christmas trees decorated with candy ornaments or very colorful christmas trees.  DOLLAR TREE POMPOM ORNAMENTS


pompom ornament in pink tones

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