How to make Hobnail Glass Cups
How to make Hobnail Glass Cups

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Today I will be doing a simple tutorial on How to make Hobnail Cups. What is Hobnail? Hobnail is a type of design used in glassware that presents a pattern of  bumped dots that gives an irregular texture. A good example of this type of vases are these golden ones that I found on Pier1 Imports. You can recreate this type of design using this technique easy technique and today I will be showing you how you can do them using glass cups and stickers from Dollar Tree.


hobnail gold vases

Pier1Imports image


Materials to make your own Hobnail Glasses

To achieve the effect of embossed dots I will use stickers and glue them to the glass cups but before I started distributing the stickers (dots stickers) I passed a napkin with alcohol to remove any residue that would prevent the decals from they will stick well to the surface.

two glass cups

These are the stickers that I used to create the Hobnail effect.

dot stickers on a table with a glass cup and a scissor

I cut the stickers individually as they come in joined lists to keep the stickers at the same distance. And I simply stuck them to the random glass glasses without carrying any pattern.

glass cups with dot stickers in pink and aqua

This is the final result of these Glasses with Hobnail Design

hobnail glasses one purple and one blue with a colorful background

close up of a baby pink hobnail glass cup

pink hobnail glass cup with a flower on the side with a grid background

yellow hobnail glass cup with a succulent and a grid background

hobnail glass cup with a grid background

six hobnail glass cups in pink, coral, yellow, blue, green and purple

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adornos de navidad de color negros hechos con jenga blocks





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