Idea to Decorate Artificial Candles
Idea to Decorate Artificial Candles

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velas blancas decoradas con silver leaf y diamantes

I love going to Dollar Tree and get this type of artificial candles to change the appearance and decorate them in a way that suits the decoration that I have in my home at that time. The best thing about these artificial candles is that they provide a warm light with the advantage that you do not have to worry about the wax spilling when it melts. 

In this tutorial we will be using the Silver Leaf to decorate them.

Materials you will need

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vela artificial frente a un arbol de navidad

vela blanca, pega , pincel y hojas de silver leaf

Apply glue directly to the candle and begin to place pieces of Silver Leaf irregularly.

aplicando silver leaf sobre una vela artificial

With a brush, press the pieces of silver leaf to adhere to the candle.

Idea para Decorar Velas Artificiales

Then, when the glue has dried and the whole candle is covered with the pieces of silver leaf, brush over the pieces to eliminate residues that didn’t glue well and to make it more smooth.

pincel seco pasando sobre el silver leaf en una vela artificial

Apply Mod Podge to seal the material.

mod podge con una brocha y dos velas artificiales

When the Mod Podge has dried completely, add the silver string in the shape you want as a decorative element. Use hot glue to fix it on the bottom of the candle.

You can also add acrylic diamonds beads to finish decorating the candle and VOILA!

This is the final result. This is how these Artificial Candles decorated with silver leaf look like.

Something I liked about these decorated candles, is that if you have a birthday party or an activity where you want to highlight a specific color, they adapt to the color that surrounds them and look as if they were that color. Look at the next two photos, in the first I placed the candles on a fuschia pink surface and you can see that they look different. With light, the reflection of the surface is reflected in the candles and the background wall making them look different. And in the second photo, I left them in the same area, but this time on a white surface.

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