How to Decorate Bowls with Permanent Markers and Alcohol
How to Decorate Bowls with Permanent Markers and Alcohol

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Decorating bowls with permanent markers is super fun. Look how easy you can achieve a marble effect in your bowls by just using a black Sharpie and alcohol. You can also mix colors and achieve other effects that look very nice.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

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white bowls

Use the permanent markers and draw on the bowl with the colors you want to make your design.

white bowl with sharpie marks

Then fill the syringe with alcohol and start pouring on the colors

equate isopropyl alcohol y envase de porcelana al fondo

Pour the alcohol on the colors and they will be mixed together and creating a very cute abstract design.


envase de porcelana pintado con marcadores permanentes chorreando

Another design that you can achieve is using only two colors like this one that I show you here when I used Pink and Yellow. Then pour alcohol on the colors and done!

You don’t have to be an artist, just make irregular strokes and then with the napkin and a little alcohol you are tapping it so that the color is falling apart and in this way you are creating your design. They will never be exact, but similar.

This is my favorite !!! The marble effect is achieved by using a permanent black marker and alcohol. You do the same thing, you draw anything and then with the napkin moistened with the alcohol you tap until you achieve your design. After it has dried it is time to apply a sealer. You can use the Mod Podge that comes precisely to apply in pieces that you can then put in the dishwasher. If you use the Mod Podge, you must have on mind that you don’t go through the same area several times because this will ruin your work. Another sealer that you can also use is the Krylon Clear.

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Here is the video of this tutorial. I hope you liked it!!




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