Idea to Create Christmas Tree Ornaments using Jenga Blocks
Idea to Create Christmas Tree Ornaments using Jenga Blocks

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adornos de navidad de color negros hechos con jenga blocksToday there is a wide variety of ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree which are a beauty. We can find these ornaments from those that are excessively expensive, to those that we can sometimes get it for the low price of .50 cents. But for those of us who like crafts, there is nothing more pleasant than making ornaments for oneself. Last year I made some ornaments with some pieces of wood that were left over from another project, you can see them HERE. So in today’s tutorial I will show you an idea to create ornaments for the Christmas tree using jenga blocks and best of all, you can make 36 ornaments and spend less than $12 dollars.

The materials that you will need for this tutorial are the following:

materials to create christmas jenga blocks ornaments

To make these ornaments I used the jenga blocks that I got at the Dollar Tree. These come like this, in natural color and also come in two shades, some natural and others dark brown. For this tutorial I decided to go with the natural color ones.

jenga blocks in natural wood color

To color it, I used acrylic paint and applied only one coat of paint.

acrylic paints red and black besides a group of jenga blocks

When the jenga blocks dried completely, with a dry brush I took white paint to apply to the edges creating an effect as if the wooden blocks were  old and faded.

small brush painting a black jenga block just on the border with white paint

Then with rubber stamps I made the designs. For the black ones I used the white stamping ink and for those that are red I used the black ink.

An idea that you can make with these ornaments is, instead of using the rubber stamps with Christmas designs you can get some like the Wooden Rubber Number Alphabet Letter Stamps and name each of your family members.

Then with a buffalo check ribbon I made some small bows to decorate the top of the Christmas ornament.

With a dremmel rotary tool I made some small holes to then insert the jute cord and from there to hang them.

With the jute twine I simply cut some pieces of about 2 inches and 3/4 to create some loops and join them at their ends with hot glue. When the glue was almost dry I gave a little twist so that it would be thinner and it would make it easier for me to introduce them into the hole when Im going to glue them.

This is the result of this tutorial were these ornaments for the Christmas tree were made with small blocks of jenga. What do you think? I hope you liked it and encourage you to make your own and remember that they are reusable because for future Christmas you just have to repaint these jenga blocks you change the design and automatically you have new ornaments

Jenga Blocks hanging on the christmas tree with buffalo check bows

Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments

Jenga Blocks


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